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management idea
Customer first, quality first, credit standing and dedicated service
Company policy
Elaborate manufacturing, safe and reliable, continuous improvement, user satisfaction, people-oriented, and environmental protection
Elaborate manufacturing: it refers to the continuous improvement of production technology, product quality and enterprise management to produce high-quality products and continuously improve the potential value of products.
Safe and reliable: refers to the quality of products, which shall meet the requirements of national laws and regulations, relevant national standards and industry standards, ensure the safe and reliable use of the products provided, and safe and stable operation, and be responsible for the users and national home appliance network.
Continuous improvement: refers to the continuous improvement and improvement of the quality management system to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality and service quality through a sound quality management system.
Customer satisfaction: it refers to taking market and customer satisfaction as the guide, doing a good job in all aspects of sales, serving customers wholeheartedly, truly achieving quality first and customer first.
People oriented: people oriented is the basic concept of the company's employment. It is the fundamental of the company's sustainable development to pay attention to the vital interests of employees and the working atmosphere of occupational health and safety, and build a platform for employees to show their personal talents.
Realize environmental protection: establish the awareness of environmental protection and implement it in every link of production, operation and management, and take the corresponding social responsibility for the harmonious and sustainable development of society.
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